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Queen's Incubus: A Dark Fantasy Erotica

Queen's Incubus: A Dark Fantasy Erotica


Honey Cummings


Forced to marry the Whore King, Princess Valechka has signed a magical contract with the Advisor of Iniquity to gain sexual prowess. In order to save the Kingdom of Aurelia from an immediate attack from the Kingdom of Castor, Princess Valechka accepts the arranged marriage for peace. It’s not a secret she’s not the first princess to be wed to him. In fact, the Whore King has a harem full of princesses, including those from the conquered kingdoms just across the ravine. With no heirs to date, she aims to change the tide and strikes a deal with the Advisor of Iniquity, Milogost Cheronobog. The dark secrets of Aurelia and beyond are held by one entity called the Sin Bringer or Milogost Cheronobog. No one knows where he came from or exactly how long he has occupied his seat as an advisor for all sins and pleasures, but he’s managed to swindle the whole council—and even the King. When Valechka boldly marches in to demand his services, he can’t resist. After all, he already knows she’s been spying on him through the keyhole this past year. Crowned Third Prince of Nasser, Ghassan doesn’t want to give up on his ex-fiancée Valechka just yet. Crashing the coronation, he aims to convince her to run away with him, to abandon this idea she can conquer the Whore King where so many men and women have failed. As he uncovers the dirty contract between the princess and the Sin Bringer, the Blue-eyed Devil just might have to concede and turn his focus on teaching Valechka with a hands-on approach. Will all their efforts be enough to prepare the Crowned First Princess Valechka to face the Whore King? Or will the Three Shades of the Underworld have to reveal themselves in order to save the day? This story contains verbal and physical abuse, sexual assault, explicit violence and gore, graphic sexual content, strong language, attempted rape, and more. Know the acts, events, and characters are purely fiction. Content and scenes in this book may be triggering for some readers.

Romantic SuspenseEroticaMonster RomanceDarkFantasy Romance

First Princess Valechka Aurelia wandered the halls of the advisors and honored guests without care. Night had come down upon the palace, and she aimed to do something dangerous: spy on the advisor of iniquity, Milogost Cheronobog. A man so handsome that most of the female and male staff had found themselves smitten with him. His long black hair, wavy and full, framed a strong jawline. His most riveting features were the purple irises teamed with a devilish grin and day-old beard. He had a gruffness that only added to the attraction.

Animal magnetism, she had thought, watching how everyone interacted with him. Iniquity. A sugary, flowery word, but she knew very well he managed all desires in the castle and kingdom, even the sexual appetites of those merely visiting the Kingdom of Aurelia. Admiration. Despite the lucrative station and accolades, he still earned the affections of many above and below his station, despite the aloofness of his business and mannerisms. Obsession. Now came the small confession building in her chest as she let it settle there inside her heart. I am obsessed and smitten with the man and want him for my own one day. Until then…

The other advisors were all out visiting other kingdoms. As for the brigadier general, he went home to his estate every night. Barely anyone had attended dinner this evening with her, despite it being the night she turned seventeen. Her father scowled and didn’t utter a word. He left long before the staff brought her the simple cake. She would have had Cyril, her royal hound, present, but her father had put a stop to that when Cyril stole meat from his plate weeks before, and she made the mistake of laughing over it. Instead, she had found herself, heart racing, in the presence of Advisor Cheronobog, who carried on with frivolous conversation about what it was that First Princess Valechka liked, including perfume, colors, and fabric, until, at last, she simply refused to answer any more questions, which made him chuckle.

Frustration filled her as she wobbled down the hallway, inebriated by the wine she had forced from the kitchen staff. The guards were sent off with a command as she insisted on walking the halls in nothing but her nightgown, which was simply a chemise with more lace than fabric. As if someone can sleep comfortably in something so flowery. She had guzzled the wine to calm her nerves, but even before then, she knew what she wanted the most for her seventeenth birthday. I wish to see the most handsome man in all the twelve kingdoms naked. Her cheeks grew red as she paused at his door. It was locked, it is always locked, unless one knocked and was invited or had the key. None of these will suffice.

A frown drew tight over her pouting lips like a wilting rose. Even through the thick oak doors, the sounds of a woman moaning and another screaming in bliss echoed through the halls. She had heard the guards’ gripes about being stationed there at night and the lewdness of it all. Blue balls abounded among those permanently taken out of the rotation, unable to fight the primal urges that their ears and imaginations created in those long hours.

“Hours,” Valechka echoed her thoughts out loud. “They say it carries on like this for hours. Exactly what is he doing to all those women every night?” She crossed her arms, a chill snaking up her spine as a woman shrieked like a pig being run through. “How unnerving.” She inched closer to the door, pressing an ear against it. “What torture does he perform and call passion?” Valechka muttered to herself.

Through the door, sounds foreign and strange came through with new clarity. Moaning. So many different pitches and sources that it sent goosebumps over her entire being, though no icy wind blew on this late spring night. Swallowing, she focused on listening beyond the initial wailing of pleasurable moans. First was the woman who half-panted and yelped in sync with a moderato tempo beat. A warmth washed over Valechka, her body reacting to the woman she clearly sensed. To think, another woman’s lust in the throes of some vulgar act of flesh connecting with flesh made her body respond. How lewd indeed! Now came the words, mutterings, and lecherous in their demands. She pressed harder against the door, trying to make each word out. With her eyes shut, she concentrated on catching what she could of the lascivious conversation clearly being carried out in the nude.

“Master,” moaned a female voice. “Please, me next…”

A grunt, male as the yelping moderato woman’s barking slowed. “How will you take it?” A shudder rolled over Valechka. That’s Milogost’s voice! She swallowed, her intrigue growing now that she had found her target.

“Where you please,” cooed the woman.

A scoff, his voice seemed annoyed as he commanded, “On all fours and spin yourself about. If you can’t choose, then I’ll fuck you like a dog does his bitch.”

Valechka’s heart leaped to her throat. He sounds mad! Does he mean for her to crawl on the floor like a dog? How is this sexy at all?!


“Silence.” Milogost’s voice made Valechka’s breath hitch. “Heel, bitch.”

Valechka slid across the door, her eyes falling to the handle and the light coming through the keyhole. Is it possible for one to… She didn’t dare rip her ear from the door as she listened. The woman shrieked, and she paused her approach.

“Yes!” the woman screamed before she, too, began her yelping. She yelped more aggressively as if to match that of a metronome set to a presto tempo. “Ah, ah, ah, ah…”

Biting her lip, Valechka started slithering closer to the keyhole once more.

“Lick and eat!” barked Milogost.

Valechka froze, bewildered by such a demand. Lick and eat what?

Now another woman moaned in place of the yelps. Curiosity goaded Valechka, no longer satisfied with eavesdropping on such wild sexual machinations. Her imagination couldn’t piece it together with no visuals and no understanding of why so much of what she heard made her body heat and buzz, even making her wet between the thighs. Kneeling before the keyhole, she swallowed. Well, this is what I wanted. Happy birthday to me. Leaning forward, she pressed herself against the door once more.

At first, the light in the room seemed too bright to make out the blur of flesh. Her eyes focused, adjusting, and she gasped. There must be over a dozen women and men in there with him! Legs and arms tangled in strange ways across the floor, furniture, and bed. Hair was untamed and flowing, clothes were absent and nowhere to be found in this bed chamber fit only for the advisor of iniquity. Breasts and cocks, some small and soft in color, others large and alarming, and skin tones from all over the world seem to jolt and touch and—

Purple eyes met hers, and she jerked away from the keyhole. She covered her mouth. Did he see me? She waited, listening, but nothing seemed to change. Again, she steeled her nerves and peered through the keyhole once more. Immediately she met the gaze of Milogost, who rocked behind a woman’s rear end. He grinned, and her heart raced. He can’t possibly be able to see me, let alone know who… Surely, I am not the first to peek into the room!

His bare torso excited Valechka, the muscles rippling down until they disappeared behind the woman’s ass. Muscles rolled, flexing in ways she had never seen, and she wished to know how it all unfolded to make such baffling sounds from women. Valechka frowned and knitted her brow. But I came to see it. As if some dark wish granted, Milogost gripped the woman’s ass cheeks and pushed her down as he pulled away and out of her.

Valechka inhaled swiftly. It wasn’t that the shape was necessarily different from the medical literature she had explored from time to time or different from the others present in the room. It’s so … much larger. Pulling away from the door, she bit her knuckle as she processed it. And he’s put that in that woman. She arched a brow. Many women, she corrected her thoughts. Where does it fit?

Her absence from spying was short-lived as she once more found her eyes meeting his. Looking back to the erection, it remained where she had last seen it, but now he slid his fingers up and down its length. Again, he pushed and motioned with the other hand.

“Turn it around,” he demanded. “And bring your legs to me.”

“Oh, this pose hasn’t been done in some time,” another woman remarked, stopping her head bobbing on another man’s cock. “Watch, learn,” she demanded of her partner in pleasure before returning to lick his cock.

“Eyes here.” Milogost’s words startled Valechka into looking back at him. Was he talking to me? Or the woman? Heart racing, she reasoned with herself. The woman, of course. He couldn’t be speaking to me from this far away and behind a locked door!

The legs slid back up into view, feet climbing up his torso before he took charge. Glancing back to the door, he smirked before focusing on the woman who fell from sight at this angle. Hooking his elbows with her knees, he pulled her up with uncanny ease. Such strength! A whistle brought two men at either side of him, and Milogost handed each of them a leg. He bent down, pulling her into a position until it seemed he had forced her into straddling while standing on her head. What crazy deed does he intend to have her do now?

“Hold her up in that manner,” Milogost commanded, approaching her and laying his cock on top of her crotch. “A little lower.” They eased her down, and he looked to the door again.

Valechka jerked back. What is this?

“Now move closer, this way,” demanded Milogost.

Heart thudding, she gripped her nightgown, unsure whether to peek again.

“I want to be centered in the room since so many want to watch,” mused Milogost.

Shaking off the paranoid sensation, Valechka went back to peering through the keyhole. He was so much closer. Now she could see the sweat glistening across Milogost’s skin, the way the nest of hair on the woman’s crotch gave way to the fleshy petals where he aimed to enter her blossom. Excitement filled Valechka as silence fell across his bed chamber. Everyone watched this god of flesh get ready to perform. Stroking his cock, Milogost looked to the door again and Valechka held her breath. Dropping her gaze back to his hard cock, she bit her lip in anticipation. She watched as he slid it inside the woman, who moaned. The woman’s legs shook as the length filled her slowly until he had sunk it all inside her.

Valechka wiggled, a warming buzz and throbbing growing in her own blossom. Milogost motioned for the men to lower her slightly, and it was here that he pulled in and out of her, slow and agonizing. On the bed beside them, Valechka noticed how this woman pleasured herself. Naked, straddled to show her world to the keyhole, the woman groped her own breast and circled a finger. Returning her gaze to where Milogost fucked the woman slowly, she wondered where it went inside the woman as she moaned. She mimicked the self-pleasuring woman now, curious.

First, watching as Milogost’s cock slid down, down, down, Valechka groped her breast. The warmth and excitement washed over her entire being, invoking a thrilling sensation that was indeed new to her. Creeping her other hand between her thighs, she shivered. So wet. Is this what it is for one’s body to grow excited watching the man of their dreams be lewd? Milogost’s cock pulled up, up, up, until he fully left the woman, and it stood erect like a branch of a tree. Valechka’s finger slid over a swollen bead, and she jolted, nearly knocking her head against the door. This! This is what she… circling brought a new wave of pleasure and burning. Watching Milogost enter the woman so slowly only added to Valechka’s newfound frustration.

“Faster,” she muttered, playing with herself.

Milogost gave a toothy grin and shifted the woman to him. His hips began to slam into her, and the allegro tempo of yelps returned. Goosebumps rolled over Valechka as the sensations within her came to life and built upon one another. She found her heart racing, her body hot, and she leaned ever more on the door as her knees and legs shook. The woman’s legs trembled as well, and she connected that she, too, knew the pleasure he brought to her in this provocative moment. To think his cock can please her as I please myself. How jealous I am!

“How will he ever release like that?” muttered a man beyond her scope of vision.

“It’s not meant for him,” hissed a woman. “That is a move meant for him to dive deep and fully into the woman for her pleasure.”

“It seems,” Milogost’s gaze called her eyes to him, a serious expression on his face, “that you wish to see me release, no?”

“Y-yes,” breathed Valechka as she edged closer to whatever waited for her at the top of these pleasures building with each circle and grope she gave herself.

Milogost’s cock pulled out, and he stroked himself. Valechka could see all of him, the way his balls tightened and the muscles twitched across his torso and arms, taut with the rise of his own pleasure. The other men and women fell silent, all wanting to see their master peak. I want to see it, she thought dangerously. Release for me, Milogost. I want to see what it looks like when you peak. A moan escaped him; cum shot from the tip of his throbbing cock. It landed across the woman, and the room collectively gasped and stirred. He came again and again, the third shot making Valechka press against the door as she bit her tongue, desperate to silence the whimper pushing to escape her. She, too, had peaked, still watching as he came with her on the other side of the door. Liquid dribbled down her thigh, and she hummed with the fireworks of her orgasm filling her for the first time.

“Happy birthday,” breathed Milogost.

Valechka smiled to herself. Surely, he jests.

“What did you say?” a man beside him asked.

“Nothing.” He shot a look at the keyhole and gestured with a finger, tapping his lip as to say, shhh.

Valechka stumbled away. “He couldn’t have…”

From that night on, when the advisors were gone, and only the advisor of iniquity would be present, Valechka came back to spy through the keyhole. Her need to satisfy herself, knowing full well he indeed saw her, goaded her to pursue this game of hidden pleasures with the man she lusted after. Every time he ended it with a simple gesture of silence. Never once did she put herself in the position to ask him about it, too ashamed of her perverted actions that would continue until the letter from the Whore King, at last, came to her father’s council and would throw her world into lust-filled chaos.